For us, our work is all about flavour and the pleasure that great cheese can deliver. By selecting cheeses that are made with care and only passing them on to our customers when they are ready to leave our maturing rooms, we can be sure that our cheese is consumed at its most delicious.

We have a range of around 100 cheeses from across Britain and Europe that we are exceptionally proud to stock. We work hard to keep our list concise – for us, quality and consistency are as important as variety. Our selection features a mix of classic and contemporary cheeses and is designed to cover the full range of different styles, flavours and textures, much like a great wine list. We don’t stock every cheese there is; every cheese we stock is delicious.

Our priority is supplying beautifully conditioned cheese to the hospitality industry, so it helps that we possess expertise in cheese and a practical understanding of the needs of a busy kitchen.

Cheese trolley or cheese board? We will help you put together a selection that will delight your customers, plus we offer training and tasting sessions for your staff to help them talk about the cheeses to your customers while also managing costs and maximising yields. We value communication, learning your likes and dislikes, in fact many of our customers give us free rein on their cheese selection, trusting us to choose what is tasting great that day and what will suit their needs.

Working on a new dish? We love discussing new ideas with you and have worked with some of our suppliers to bring top quality cheese, butter and other dairy items to production kitchens in formats that are easy to use.

Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting.